Welcome to the Yufuin Bettei Itsuki

This is a hot spring inn near the town of Yufuin, at the foot of majestic Mt. Yufu. One of its characteristics is the each annex that was designed elaborately. Each of them is equipped with a private bath, and the room with the theme of Japanese modern, is producing an atmosphere suitable for a hiding place for adults. It also has a restaurant particular about the commitment to local production for local consumption, where you can enjoy a new Yufuin cuisine using seasonal ingredients.
Please leave your everyday routine, forget time and enjoy you luxury time at “Yufuin Annex Itsuki”.


Space with different taste with luxuriousness to its extremes.
Each of the nine annexes scattering in the site has its own room layout, design and building material. Every time you visit it, you will have fresh feeling. In addition, each annex is equipped with a semi-open-air bath and an indoor bath with different tastes. Its quality is simple thermal hot spring. You won’t be tired even if you bathe in it for a long time. The gentle hot spring is available for 24 hours, providing you with a relaxing time.

※We are sorry that you are unable to choose the room because the number of rooms is limited.
※If you have inquiries such as details about the rooms, please fill in the remarks colum with them at the time of your reservation.

■Check-in: 15:00-18:00
■Check-out: 08:00-11:00

■Room Facilities:
VCR / telephone / Internet(WiFi) / electric kettle / tea set / coffee maker / refrigerator / hair dryer / trouser press (available to borrow)/ desk lamp (available to borrow)/ iron (available to borrow)/ humidifier / individual temperature control / toilet with washlet / liquid soap / body soap / shampoo / conditioner / facial cleanse / toothbrush / razor / shower cap / towels / bath towel / yukata(Japanese-style robe)/ slippers / microwave oven (in some rooms, reservation required)/ safety box

Restaurant - Dining TOWAKURA -

Enjoy a blissful time with the food with luxuriousness to its extremes and our hearty hospitality.
We also have a restaurant particular about the commitment to local production for local consumption, where you can enjoy a new Yufuin cuisine using seasonal ingredients.
A Japanese dinner is served at “DINING Towakura” where Japanese space of luxury, modern, and relaxation are in harmony. The ingredients nurtured in the rich soil of Yufuin are cooked into the creative first-class Japanese dinner with full sense of the season.
An Americal breakfast is served in the next morning. Most of the local fresh vegetables and freshly bakery-baked bread you can see on the table are “Made in Yufuin”.
Please enjoy a variety of cuisines with the feeling of Yufuin and non-daily atmosphere to your heart’s content.

■Opening hours:
【Breakfast】8:00~/8:30~/9:00~(advance reservation needed)
【Dinner】18:00~/19:00~(advance reservation needed)

■Dinner menu:
A traditional multi-course meal featuring local seasonal ingredients beautifully presented on Arita porcelain dishes.

■Breakfast menu:
A Western breakfast prepared with locally grown ingredients. You can enjoy freshly baked bread and fresh milk from the nearby dairy darm.


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Access Map

Yufuin Bettei Itsuki

■Address: 879-5102 Oita, Yufuin, Yufuin-cho kawakai 2652-2, Japan
■Tel: 0977-85-4711
■Fax: 0977-85-4722
■Check-in time: 15:00 / ■Latest check-in time: 18:00
■Check-out time: 11:00
■Nearest Station: 5 minute drive or 20 minute walk from Yufuin station
■Parking: 20 Cars / Free

Take a walk in Yufuin

Lake Kinrinko

The water temperature of this lake annually stays same, because of several brooks pouring in and hot spring gushes in the lake.
When the air temperature is lower than water temperature, you can see evaporating fog coming out of surface and the scene turns into a fantastic mood.

1561-1 Yufuincyo Kawakami, Yufu
Possession time:
A 7-minute walk from the hotel

Bussanji Temple

Temple history tells around a thousand years ago, a monk received an oracle at Kirishima Shrine, came to Mount Yufu, built a monastery and enshrined a statue of Kannon bodhisattva he curved there.
Since then, the monastery became the center of Mount Yufu’s hallowed ground but in 1596, Kannon statue fell down to the mountain valley by a great earthquake. Villagers picked statue up and built the temple here.

1879-1 Yufuincyo Kawakami, Yufu
Possession time:
A 5-minute walk from the hotel

Horse Carriage for Sightseeing

Have a relaxing time in the reaceful rural scenery.
It may be a kind of luxury to feel “Yufuin Time”, which slowly goes on the horse carriage.There are some landscapes that you can see only from the carriage. Why not feel Yufuin as it is on the carriage?

Capacity: 10 people
Operation Hours:
[Mar.-Nov.] 9:00-16:00
[Dec.-Early Jan.] 9:30-15:00
Frees: Adult 1,500yen (per person)
Travel Time: About 50 mi


A British Aquinas’ Classic car. It’s a sightseeing route bus, which can be seen only in Yufuin and Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki.
The sightseeing area is large, so it is convenient for those who use JR, families, and those who prefer not to walk.

Capacity: 9 people
Operation Hours:
Frees: 1,300yen (per person)
Travel Time: About 50 mins

Details of Yebisuya Rickshaw

Yebisuya is a name of a shop, which provides transportation service with rickshaws to tourists and has branches across the country.
Two seated rickshaws are available.Destinations are within the accessible area in the town, and rickshaws drivers will also provide tour guide service.
You can take a ride in front of JR Yufuin Sta. and at a parking of Lake Kinrinko.

Course by Section:
・3,000yen for 2 presons
・2,000yen for 1 presons


room avilability


room avilability


room avilability